Do you desire to turn your passion into income, connect with other creative souls who also dance to the beat of their own drum?
I'm Marie-Nicole, and I'm devoted to combining beauty, uniqueness & connection in everyday living experiences.
As a creative professional & Dharma Coach I help people connect to the truth of who they are and facilitate them in embodying their uniqueness.
I am also a mother of two precious young men, and with children in tow have established & run unique businesses, and embraced opportunities that have contributed to my creative career, while creating magical memories for them too.
It’s my hope this podcast inspires you to live your life on your own terms & earn your income through being uniquely you.
After all, it’s the unique thread we each contribute to the collective tapestry, that creates the whole.
Episode 32 - What's in a name?
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        Episode 4 - Being Uniquely You
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