Serving creative clients who wish to embrace their uniqueness, create a harmonious life, while supporting business owners building their brand.

I’m Marie-Nicole, a passionate soul who’s been serving customers, locally, nationally & globally for over 25+ years, through my by marie-nicole brand.

Creating uniquely crafted, timeless & effortless designs.

Combining traditional crafts[wo]manship, working with ethically sourced sustainable materials as well as recycling the old & discarded, has been my mission for the last 16 years; using traditional practices to meet modern day needs.

With young family in tow, I made a tree change to our rural location 13 years ago, to live a life more connected to the land while enjoying the serenity of the countryside.

Creators Nest is where beauty, uniqueness & connection are combined to inspire you to create a harmonious life!


I’m a podcaster, coach & creator, who supports others in connecting to the essence of who they are, embodying their unique thread which they then contribute to the collective tapestry.

As a soul purpose coach I support women in maintaining their health & wellness by working with a cyclical approach to living, helping them tune into & support their unique energy system, through a range of modalities such as Human Design & Lunar Cycle Tracking.

I combine this with my 25+yrs of business experience & have clients who are ‘women in business’, so I help them create their own path to what success means to them, not just establishing a financially healthy business but one that ignites their passion, supports their well being & taps into their soul’s purpose.

Very much looking forward to connecting with you too.

With Gratitude,