Feel like the goals you’ve reached don’t actually align with the truth of who you are?

The alarm’s beeping, dogs are barking, birds are singing… but all you feel is heaviness, dread…

Time to drag yourself out of bed, go through the motions of mustering up even just an ounce of enthusiasm to get you through another day of the grind that has become your existence. 

Thinking, surely there’s more to life than this, you’ve followed all the steps,  money is not so much the issue anymore.

You have the house, kids, space for them to run… security… and yet all you feel is dread.

You are over the half way mark of the current average life span and you’ve tried climbing the ladder of your chosen career, but didn’t like the view from up there.

You look ahead at your future through the experience of your parents who urged you stay the course, take the safe route, work hard in your prime years so you can enjoy the nest egg and freedom at the end of that.

Now, you watch them plan their time around medical appointments, struggling with aches and ailments developed through out the time they were working towards freedom, gathering their acorns for that elusive free time otherwise known as retirement!

It’s too late for early retirement, you’ve missed that boat.

And now you dread the thought of another 20 years of this the daily grind, waiting for that time you get to truly live. 

Oh, how you’d love to step off the safe road, venture off the beaten track and truly live while you earn your living that pays for you to enjoy an inspired lifestyle now, rather than waiting until you’re 65, if you’re lucky to even retire then. 

But you’re afraid, you don’t know how, you’ve even lost touch with the essence of who you are at the core and what it is that truly ignites the flame of passion inside you anymore?

Where do you begin?

When people ask you what you’d do instead, what your dreams are, you response is either one of two things; 

‘I don’t know, but not this!’ 


‘It’d love to pursue my creative desires but I don’t see how it can replace the safety net I have doing what I do now.’

Instead of focusing on the how, what if you start with the what, reconnecting to the essence of who you truly are, reacquainting yourself with your unique gifts & talents. 

Finding joy in your days through connecting with what ignites your spark.

After all it’s the unique thread we each bring that creates the collective tapestry.

Not sure how to connect to that true you, the one you buried deep down inside of you… well let me help you.

With tools like Human Design to help you understand your unique energy system.

Astrology to connect you to your true life’s purpose... which is not necessarily the job you do, but who you are and the contribution you make to those around you.

Along with movement practices to release trapped emotions, create belief in your abilities to realise your dreams and create flow of energy & inspiration.

We'll also work on you developing a cyclical approach to living & operating your business, helping you tune into & support your unique energy system.

Together we’ll unleash the wisdom and magic buried deep within you, begin your transformation journey by building your confidence, connecting you back to your true self.

So you can find joy in everyday, through living in alignment with who you truly are.

You may even discover that all you’ve been through to date is exactly what you needed to experience to truly realise your potential, serve the collective and shine.

Perhaps those so called 'pipe dreams' from your youth were not actually in alignment with your truth either.

Reach out for a free connection call today and lets see what magic we can discover & unleash together. 

I’ll support you in discovering your unique gifts, let go of limiting beliefs, embody who you truly are and live a more fulfilling harmonious life… 

Certified Dharma (Soul Purpose) Coach



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