5 Tips for Building Your Confidence

1. Do what makes you FEEL good not just what you think will make you look good.

"As within so without"

When you feel good on the inside that radiates out of you and then you look great on the outside. 

This relates to the exercise you do, the food you eat, the music you listen too and so much more.


2. Wear what accentuates the parts of you that you love!

Even if for now that's just your eyes... if you have vibrant green eyes for example you could wear clothes that are plain and accessories that bring attention to your eyes, like earrings or a necklace that draw attention to the beautiful vibrancy of your eyes.

At times for me it's been focusing on my collar bones and shoulders, especially after changes in my waistline post children.


3. Focus on your strengths and do what comes easily & naturally to you rather than trying to improve your weaknesses.

The more you build on your strengths the better you will feel about yourself and by default your weaknesses will improve.

You can of course outsource tasks that don't align with your strengths and free yourself up from the stress of trying to improve your weaknesses.


4. Spend time with people who elevate you, if you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with then you'll want to choose wisely.

If you wish to feel more empowered than spending time with people who inspire, uplift & have a positive influence on you, that will rub off. 

On the flip side, if you spend too much time with people who don't see your worth, or even their own... that too, will rub off on you.


5. Invest in yourself - attend that workshop, do that course, hire that coach (I know one you could reach out to)

Learning to harness the power that lies within you builds your confidence muscle, amplifying your unique gifts and purpose in this lifetime, which then filters out through the good vibes you spread to all those who come in contact with you... creating a ripple affect.

So don't hold back on investing in YOU, doing so serves others too.


Looking forward to soaring along side of you,




I'm going to add one more to the list...

6. Help someone else (or others) in some way or another.

When we shift our focus towards helping others we take the focus off ourselves.

Helping others means we're using our gifts & strengths, which in turn builds our confidence muscle.