What's your soul purpose?

Have the last 2 years made realise that there's more to life than simply paying bills, working towards the weekend or holidays?

That every day is important, not just milestones?

Have you been questioning how you could live in a more thriving, abundant & joyful way, that makes you feel like you're contributing to the collective in your own special way?

You've heard me talk about living a life you love many times - I won't stop encouraging you any time soon... in fact, I'm currently in training to become a certified Dharma Coach.

What's a Dharma coach you ask?

It's a soul purpose coach, someone who holds space for you and guides you through living your best life... living your soul purpose. 

Sound's wonderful doesn't it! 

Well I think so too... my reason for opening Creators Nest was provide a space that would support people living their dreams, and when you're living your purpose you're invariably living your dreams.

I've had plans to run events that inspire, uplift & empower you to live your best life. 

But first I'm in training to ensure that I develop professional skills that will serve you best, because I take my soul purpose and this role seriously.

So, watch this space... keep an ear out for such events in the new year.

In the mean time, I'm sure there is plenty to keep you busy & buzzing as the end of year celebrations kick off...

Looking forward to helping you live a life you love and filled with purpose... taking care of yourself, others, your community & our world.