Staying Inspired

How's your inspiration?

After a year of being tried, tested & challenged like no other, along with a busier off peak season than ever before... now entering our usual silly season period, honestly some days I feel down right tired.

But, the one thing I haven't lost is my inspiration.

Robin Sharma (author & leadership expert) takes his inspiration very seriously he avoids the news, people who make him feel bad and places that are free of magic.

What's magical to you?

What fuels your inspiration?

How do you incorporate it into your everyday experience?

One thing that fuels my inspiration daily is, taking in the details of nature, I love all the different grass tops we're seeing around our place this spring... they're especially beautiful in the late afternoon light.

The other day we were walking through the veggie garden just before sunset, as we often do with a glass of wine in hand, checking on the progress of our productive patch...

Master 12 & I started studying the little details of our garden, we looked into the faces of all the sweet little flowers (yes, even the weeds) then Master 18 followed behind us capturing each one in photos.

There's always a lot of work to do in the garden, it's never ending and we all contribute, but there's also a lot to learn from nature... the difference in shapes of flowers, seeds, what conditions they need to thrive.

Each one different, but each have their purpose and individual process of contributing to the collective goal, a thriving eco-system.

This simple little exercise of taking in some smaller details was a magical experience and one that inspired me to consider more of the smaller details in other aspects of my life (& business), details that can easily be overlooked but can make a big difference to our outcomes.

Taking inspiration in simple things like nature can be our greatest source of learning... and inspiration!

Wishing you all the inspiration you can find in your everyday experiences, so you too, live a life you're passionate about & filled with purpose... taking care of yourself, others, our community & our world.

Ps. The stunning feature photo was taken by the very talented Megan Cassidy a local photographer in Yass.



"Life lessons from the Monk who sold his Ferrari." 
by Robin Sharma

This book is filled with little life hacks for living your best life. I read one section over lunch each day, then reflect on it and sometimes even journal about the thoughts & ideas it invokes.


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