New Year & New Opportunities

At the beginning of a new year we can't help but reflect on how we spent the previous year?

Ponder on, what we'd like to do more of... less of... take on... let go of... or try out?

Taking time to reflect is an important part of creating a life you love. 

What really does fill your cup?  

What depletes your energy?

With the insights from your reflection, you can then make discerning decisions that move you in the direction of living a more fulfilling & uplifting life.

Living your dharma (your soul purpose) is all about doing just that.

So how do you create a life you love, when there are so many other commitments you have set in place that seem to prevent you from doing more of what you love?

Make time to do more of what comes easily to you, this is in fact living your purpose.

You were born with gifts & talents that make doing certain things come naturally to you.

The last few weeks of trading I wasn't really sure I'd be able to cope with the hours & work load, but I got through it, achieved everything I set out to... and more.

While I was very tired by the end of the year, my heart felt so full and it did not feel like a drain on my energy to show up every day.

My dharma is about creating beauty & connection in everyday living with respect for our earth and it's inhabitants.

Living abundantly to me is found in everyday experiences.

The products we sell here add to that, are infused with that and represent that.

Living a life you love, takes effort & dedication but finding the energy is driven by living your truth doing what comes naturally to you and doing what makes your heart sing.

We still need to make time to stop rest, rejuvenate and celebrate our achievements.

Remember, the higher your vibe the more you increase the vibe of those around you... the ripple affect is nothing short of magical.

So if you find yourself in a position where you're not doing nearly as much of what you love, because you're so caught up in doing what 'has' to be done, I'd like to encourage to carve out some time daily to do the things that truly fill your cup.

And, practice reframing your thinking from:

"I don't have enough time for the things I love doing"   TO  
"I'm so glad I get to put time towards the things I love, as it enriches my life."

There are still things that I 'have to do' that don't exactly bring me joy, but being passionate about the bigger picture gives me the energy I need to get on with doing them so I can get back to doing more of what I truly love.

Speaking of which, I look forward to greeting you in store for another year of trading... providing beautifully crafted unique treasures, that add to the beauty of your daily experiences.


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