Nature's Way

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how societal expectations have developed in a way that we plant a seed one day and expect to reap the fruit the next. 

Not literally, but metaphorically... we’ve become so used to short term gratification rather than investing in long term satisfaction. 

Let’s take a moment to think about how a seed sits beneath the surface of the earth in darkness drawing nutrients from the soil while waiting for conditions to be just right before it breaks through and sprouts into a delicate little first leaf… that’s even before its true leaves appear.

It then sets roots, establishes itself firmly in place so it can draw up more nutrients to send up its stem and out to the limbs to build branches, leaves, flowers and eventually set fruit.

That fruit is then consumed by a bird, which strips away the flesh leaving behind a bare seed that is then embedded back into the earth, and once again waits in the darkness, starting the cycle all again.

Isn’t it beautiful how nature works, creating an ecosystem that supports the cycles of life & encourages collaboration between all its inhabitants.

And yet, we humans expect a new venture to catapult into success overlooking the need for time & tending for that venture to build its strength, develop a solid foundation before branching out and bearing fruit.

I was so tempted to launch my new offering even though I knew I needed to allow for time to try & test the logistics of sharing this offering accounting for complexities associated with the process of distributing it via the world wide web.

But, since this workshop is based on cyclic living, I was reminded over & over again that each stage of the process offers energy & qualities to the process that strengthens the end result.

So, I will wait… and look forward to sharing with you what has sprouted out of the darkness, is developing its foundation, sending out branches & once its ready to reach those who consume its fruit, I very much look forward to seeing the seeds that are spread from there.

In the meantime, I do have something else to share with you. 

I created an offering I gifted through a recent promotion and wanted to share it with you too. 

It’s a guide on creating your own cacao practice, ’Your Cacao Ritual’ which includes my favourite recipe for preparing cacao.

Some of you have been on this mailing list right from the beginning, it’s now been over five and a half years since I first opened Creators Nest and without the support of beautiful hearted customers it would not be possible to continue.

I am truly grateful for you & hope you continue to enjoy the fruits of my labour too.

Details on how to access your guide below.

Let us each continue to tend to our own patch, create a life that inspires & ignites, so the fruits of our labour can be spread throughout our community and beyond.



What could you introduce into your daily practices that would help you thrive rather than just survive? 


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