Letting go of the OLD to make way for the NEW

Are you feeling the pull to let go of something OLD to make room for something NEW?

There are areas of my personal & professional life that are calling for me to step away from the known & trust in the unknown… and allow myself to be guided to something even greater.

I’m probably not alone in this, I’ve been hearing stories of significant change taking place in many people’s lives right now. So if you’re experiencing this too, then know you’re also not alone.

One fo the areas I've been called to let go is in my artisanal work - ‘taking the old & discarded, transforming them into statement pieces’.

I’ve been working with old blankets for 11 years now and have created a hundreds of items out of recycled blankets that have left the nest, headed off to far away places and beyond, to enjoy adventures of their own.

But the time has come to let go of this craft, partly because the time that goes into sourcing recycled materials is no longer available to me.

So, I’m letting it go to make room for my Dharma Coaching service instead, which aligns beautifully with creating effortless wear & accessories, made from natural fibres.

If you’d love to purchase one of the very few pieces left created from recycled blankets, you’ve got until the of June to do so.

Making decisions like this are not made lightly, I do love creating unique products and love seeing them out & about being enjoyed by others. 

But, in this next chapter of my life, I'm very much looking forward to assisting women in reconnecting with themselves, learning to value their unique gifts & talents, tune into their divine femininity, stand strong in their power and shine brightly… all while creating a life they love.

If you’d like to be guided through discovering your soul's purpose, reconnecting to who you truly are & create a life you love… reach out to book a connection call and let’s see how together, we can create magic in your life.

Finding fulfilment in everyday living serves everyone involved... very much looking forward to soaring alongside of you.

Ps. Not long now until the La Lunar Workshop... join me & a small flock of beautiful hearted women also wishing to live their best life. More details below.



Where are you holding on when deep down inside you know that you should really let go?

Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, inhale all the way into the depth of your belly, and exhale fully each time. 

Then listen to the whisper, that’s your intuition speaking to you, reminding you of what you already know but you’ve probably been avoiding taking action on.

Don’t worry we all do it, it seems easier to just hold on… but eventually the whisper becomes a scream and the feeling is so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to let go.

If you listen sooner though and take action earlier, you'll save yourself (& others) a lot of pain & heartache.

So, take out your journal and let the words of wisdom your intuition has for you flow out onto the pages.


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