Easy for you = Soul Purpose

Have you considered that perhaps what comes easily to you represents your soul purpose, your individual contribution to the collective?

I'll share an example, which is not work related, per se, but one that could very well represent our individual skills & talents across all areas of life.

Saving seeds, planning our veggie patch & the layout of our native garden, which plants should go in & where, is a gift & talent Brendan (my husband) certainly has.

I don't see his skills as over shadowing my contribution though, I believe that what I'm good at is complimentary to his gifts & talents.

My talent lies is seeing potential in the fruits of our labour, trying out new combinations for salads or pestos, recognising the sculptural affect of dried seed heads & grass, using them for props & decorative arrangements.

We both love to garden but for different reasons. 

I think it's important to tune in to our individual gifts and embrace our contribution to family, community & society... and if we look deeper we'll discover what comes easily to us actually represents our soul purpose.

Which takes the pressure off feeling like we're not enough, don't have the right credentials, don't look how we think we're supposed to & so forth.

Let's relate this to how we dress, decorate our homes, the types of food we like & activities we enjoy... it's okay to not to be exactly like other people.

Our individual contributions help make up a more balanced collective.


This is why at Creators Nest we embrace & celebrate uniqueness, we're not about the latest trend or even starting the next trend.

Coming into the warmer months we're all going to be shedding winter layers, entertaining guests and getting out & about more...

So, if you're looking for garments, accessories and other items to add a special touch to your everyday experiences, be sure to check in with us as we're always creating more to share with you.

Looking forward to seeing you in store embracing your uniqueness while preparing for the buzz of spring/summer activities, made even more special this year with the end of lockdowns and border closures.


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