By Desire & Design

Do you feel like you’re just not lucky enough to have the life you desire?

Visitors to Creators Nest often express how lucky I am to spend my days doing what I love, in such a beautiful space.

Then there are others who say it’s inspires them to do more of what they love & create a dedicated space where they can enjoy their creative passions.

Recently, I had a lovely lady respond in the most beautiful way, she caught herself about to say something along the lines of how lucky I am, but then stopped herself & replaced the phrase with;

"It's not luck, it’s by desire & design.”

This phrase sums up everything Creators Nest stands for, it's not luck to live a life you love. Creating a life you're passionate about is obtained through desire & design. 

Creating anything you wish to have comes from desire & design... luck has very little to do with the outcomes achieved when it comes to reaching goals & realising dreams. 

We first need to truly desire it, then design our activities in a way that enable the realisation of those goals & dreams.

Action & dedication is what actually enables us to achieve them, not luck.

But even more than that, when your desire & design match your core values, that’s when magic truly happens.

So as you dream about the life you wish to lead, ask yourself how much do you truly desire it & how you can design it… and does what you desire actually align with your core values. 

If it does, don’t let anything hold you back, because when you’re living your best life you inspire others to do so too.

Looking forward to soaring alongside you, as you too create a life you love.


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