Benefits of Barefoot

Recently, I had a magical conversation with lovely returning customers which led to them to recommending I watch a documentary on ‘grounding’.

Connecting to earth has always felt right to me, being in wild nature soothes my soul, getting my hands dirty resets my nervous system.

While I’ve been doing lots of reading on scientific evidence around our how our environment affects our cells, our brain & emotions.

I had not until now seen scientific evidence that explains what walking barefoot on the earth does for us, physically & mentally.

Doing so is simply connecting your body directly to the subtle, natural electrical energy that exists on the surface of the earth.

As someone who’s a big believer in wearing natural fibres, considering our impact on the environment, understanding our environment, plant allies and the impacts of our choices, it did not comes as a surprise as much as it was reassuring to learn that energetics is not all whoo whoo.

For many years over summer I wore leather soled sandals, the shoe repairer who fixed them for me numerous times said they weren’t good for my feet as they didn’t offer me enough support and protection.

But I wore them anyway, because I felt like my feet were actually working for themselves while wearing them, my toes were using all their little muscles.

Once they were beyond repair I struggled to find a replacement with completely leather soles, and ended up making some myself in a leather crafting workshop.

Through this documentary I've learned that my leather soled sandals are in fact the best ‘protection’ for my feet, for more beneficial reasons than I thought… as they also keep me grounded!

I’m not announcing that we’re now selling leather soled sandals & shoes, I wish I was… maybe one day we will.

I just wanted to share with you what I’ve learned, as it’s so simple and helpful to our health & well being. 

And to encourage you to make time to walk barefoot on the earth daily and reap the rewards too.

Below I’ve shared the link to the documentary so you can absorb all the scientific evidence for yourself.

What we do have in store though, are natural fibre garments with thermal regulating qualities keeping you cool in summer & warm in winter.

Perfect accompaniment to your leather soled shoes or sandals that'll facilitate you in absorbing the goodness beneath your feet the earth is trying to provide.

Looking forward to walking barefoot alongside you while you create a life you love, filled with purpose... taking care of yourself, others, your community & our world.

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