Anxiety Release Practices

Want to know how to let go of those negative thoughts that just keep cycling through your mind.. of what was, what isn’t & the worst case scenario?

We all go through periods when this happens, some times a particular experience can trigger a cycle through negative thoughts that holds you back until you get off that merry-go-round.

Sometimes they just keep resurfacing over & over again until we recognise the patterns and learn to release them.

Wouldn't it be great to could catch yourself when spiralling and put a stop to it before it takes you down?

Well you can... I know this from experience.

There have been many periods of my life where I’ve had to put all my energy into not spiralling down and have really taken notice of the most effective ways to do this (and the least effective).

I always welcome new insights and learnings!

Guessing you do too, otherwise you wouldn’t stay subscribed to this newsletter if it wasn’t in your interest to learn new ways of thinking doing, being, that could serve you and those you love.

Next month, just after the full moon… I’m hosting a workshop based on my learnings & experiences and would love to share them with you.

Especially since I’ve experienced what putting these practices into place can do to stop anxiety in it’s tracks and re-create an experience that nurtures, inspires & ignites change for the better instead.

I've had a number of people say to me lately; "You look great considering what you're going through right now."

And that's not because I am happy about my situation, it's because I've decided to focus in on where my strengths lie, rather than get caught up in what I'm not.

I too have moments of feeling down about all that's happening, but choose to learn from the experience, dig deeper into understanding where the patterns are occurring in my life, and focus on what I have control over changing to enhance my experience of life and put my energy into serving others with my learnings... like you! 

My wish is that you too can learn the art of living a fulfilling existence embracing your unique traits that offer value, rather than spending time trying to fix what others see as a flaw in you.

You're not flawed, and neither am I, we were created to be exactly as we should be and we each play a part in contributing to the bigger picture of life.

So let's release the anxiety around what was, what isn’t & what could happen, and focus on what is, who we are & the value we bring.

Want to join me and a small group of other soul’s wishing to find ways to get a hold of their anxiety and stop it from holding them back from living their most joyful life too?

Bring a friend, support each other through making these impactful changes and stop the suffering that takes place when you listen to the chatter in your head and instead, open your heart to receive all the magic that life has to offer.

More details listed below.

Finding fulfilment in everyday living serves everyone involved... very much looking forward to soaring alongside of you.

Ps. Keep an eye out for the announcement of the 'Spring La Lunar Mini Retreat' - it’s going to be a magical experience diving deeper into, the practice of using the lunar cycle and/or your personal cycle to create flow & realise your dreams, this mini retreat will also include a sound healing experience and more!



'The Road to Dharma' 

A deep look at our personal search for freedom, following the journey of a group of real people as they face mental and physical challenges during a motorcycle and hiking adventure in the Himalayas.

This documentary-series is available on the Gaia App but also able to be viewed through other sources like Vimeo, YouTube & Apple TV


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